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What an incredible journey the last few years has been. After graduating college, and playing my last basketball game, I found myself in an interesting position. No practice, no supervision, and a license to eat anything I wanted. Only problem with that was I was no longer exercising like I had in the past, and before I knew it, I had added some serious weight. 

Not having a clue how to change my life for the better, I decided I needed help. I found a coach and gained a hands-on education on nutrition, and proper exercise training. With my coaches help, I was able to change my life and start back on the pathway to being healthy. Losing weight is one of the hardest things one can ever do, but I have achieved it. I've been able to lose 30 pounds, and keep it off.

There is no chance in this world that I could have done it on my own. This is why I love helping my clients. Being able to walk my clients through a journey I have already walked, helps me guide them to achieve their goals. 

Transformation programs


We offer 12 week total body transformation programs. All programs are customized to your specific needs and goals, and include meal and workout plans. Please apply below to set up a 10 minute coaching call to help me understand what YOU need to achieve your fitness goals.

Please scroll down to read and watch some testimonials from past clients!

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Not convinced? Hear from my clients!


I want to give a short testimony of my experiences with Justin JC Collins (@jcofthefinest). I came across him on Instagram and I started reading a little bit more about him I felt in my heart that he could help me.  So I texted him and I asked him to help me because I wanted to lose weight. I tried on my own, but no success.


            He automatically responded to my text from day one.  He’s been behind me with every step that I take, he has been with me.  He started me off on exercising and my meal plans. By the way I took the 12 week program.  He said I can exercise a couple of days a week, but I chose 7 days a week for an hour a day. Sometime I would come home tired and I will look at my equipment and say "maybe not today."


     But I went on and pushed myself. If I had a problem, he was there for me. I didn't contact him that much because I was determined to do what I need to do. Anyway, weight started coming off to, but for some reason I didn't see the difference, but everybody else did; my family and my friends and people at work.  


     So I was determined to keep pushing. I had to laugh one day my nephew picked me up from work and I got in the car and he glanced over at me and he looked at me and said "what the hell I didn't realize you lost that much weight all I can do is laugh," he said "I'm proud of you." So my 12 weeks with him ended on last Sunday, but I'm not finished yet.  I'm going for 24 more weeks with him.   But I feel good, I love this man, he's a good person. If you're going to choose someone to help you with your weight loss, please choose Justin JC Collins, The Finest. I'm not finished yet, my journey is continuing. Like I said, I feel good.   As of today I have lost a total of 60.5 lbs. 




Read this testimonial from @terri_teacake50 - down 30 lbs in 12 weeks

Fitness By JC has recently played an instrumental role in my overall health. Prior to contacting JC, I had reached out to several other fitness programs and my attempts went unanswered. One day I ran across a video where JC was speaking about simply "showing up in life," and this resonated with me. Discouraged, and  hesitant to pursue (and possibly be rejected by yet another fitness program) I gathered up the courage to contact him. From the beginning he was extremely genuine, and exhibited an unparalleled vested interest in my personal fitness journey. He was very responsive, and no questions were left unanswered. When I reached out for guidance during the program, he was easily accessible and eager to help. Many free avenues opened up in the form of podcast, and many motivational IG live videos (all that were FREE, but equally instrumental in changing my lifestyle.) I was only expecting a fitness plan, but with all of these hidden gems I gained other empowering tools for my journey. The tailored plan that was given to me, (along with him coaching me through the process) allowed for me to successfully loose 30lbs in 12 weeks. It had been years since I was able to shed that much weight, in such a short amount of time. In the past few years I had reached a milestone birthday, and had a few health scares. This program had been the only structured plan, I had attempted in about 10 years. I cannot express that at the core of my success, was JC and his faith in my ability. I would recommend this program to anyone, who has ever doubted or questioned their ability to succeed, not only in fitness but also in life . This man will not allow you to fail, and will push you in ways you may not push yourself. I was someone who needed that push. I alone could not break those bad habits, and years of eating that landed me where I was 12 weeks ago. I from this point on, plan to complete another phase with Fitness by JC to achieve my ultimate weigh loss goals! 

                                                          -signed "One happy client!"


I'm gonna leave a testimonial about my experience with JCs fitness program, I've been a person who struggled with mental health, depression  and anxiety... I was advised by my medical provider to exercise...before I started the program I started following JC on IG, his post and podcast has always been on point and it has helped me tremendously. The more I kept reading and listening I was more convinced that I needed to do more about my health, not only physical but also for my mental health. Once I started the program and started seeing results I was motivated even more. JC was there to guide me through the way, and motivate me on my rough days or weeks. Now that I have concluded with the program, I keep motivated I'm still going to be consistent, persistent and committed for a better me!

- Marisol

Start weight- 165.6

End weight-  142 lbs 

Weight loss-  23.6 lbs 

Better than expected for an online program. When you sign up with Justin, expect him to be more than 100% committed to your success. If you can't for stand someone to out do you, you better come mentally prepared to be more motivated than him. He is extremely motivated and cares about you becoming your best you. I Highly recommend him. His program works. He believes in transformation inside out. When he says he's there to help, believe him he's there to help. He has a heart of gold. He believes in transformation inside out can tell helping people is his passion. 100% genuine. THANKS JC

 - Jawana

Read this testimonial from @Farahu89

I saw JC's profile on IG. I liked what I saw. On IG he was giving a motivational speech, so that grabbed my attention. I messaged him and was getting to know him and about how he started his fitness success. JC responded very quickly to all my messages. I liked what I heard, so that is what got me to hire him as an online trainer. Not gonna lie, I was a little skeptical, but once I saw changes in my body and in my energy I knew I made the right decision. I used to eat so bad, but JC introduced me to his program/diet and I lost 4 lbs in 4 weeks. I did his 4 week program. Let me tell you It WORKS! I am more energetic and not as lethargic as I used to be. I now know how to eat right. I now enjoy myself in my own skin. Thank you JC! YOU THE REAL MVP. 


I was made aware of Justin from his awesome videos on fitness and a healthy lifestyle on instagram. His motivational posts on reaching your full potential really moved me. One day he was making one of his inspirational videos and I watched and listened. I sent a live message to him letting him know of my struggle with trying to lose weight after putting it back on three years after my daughter was born. I had lost the 24 pounds after her birth but gained it back plus a lot more and was in a constant state of losing and gaining for the last 26 years. I used to be 130 pounds, but when I messaged him I was 181. He spoke to quite a few of the people who seemed serious about wanting to lose weight, and I was one of them. He asked me to DM him and said he would help me. I did, and have not regretted it. 

He called and spoke to me for an hour and a half and for 2 weeks before I started my official plan he encouraged me to eat healthy and exercise. I lost 6 pounds those first two weeks, and after starting my official plan I lost 10 more pounds within the next five weeks. I fluctuated somewhat but got back on track all because of his incredible support and encouragement.

I couldn't have asked for a better coach and mentor. I would recommend him to anyone who needs to lose weight and live a better lifestyle, and also change their lives. I can't say enough good things about Justin. He is there whenever you need him, and responds to your messages within minutes but no longer than a few hours. I'm continuing my journey on my own since I still have more weight to lose, but he has given me the courage to face my fears head on, and I know that I can reach the finish line.

Here is a  client, JJ who took on his 8 week challenge and dominated! He was able to go from 221 lbs down to 195.5!! Awesome transformation! Terrific Effort!

Here is a client Jemet, who lost 25 pounds in her 8 week program. Listen to her tell her story! Awesome transformation!

Here is a client Charysma that lost weight, became more tone, and gained more muscle definition in her 8 week program! Super transformation!

I was a part of an 8 week program with JC. Throughout these 8 weeks, JC helped me gain a healthier lifestyle and the results that I desired. JC spent ample time creating an effective meal plan and a workout routine that suited my capabilities. Any time that I had a question or needed help, JC would always respond accordingly and give the advice and encouragement that allowed me to persevere and reach my full potential. As a result, I lost several inches from my waist and gained at least 5 pounds of muscle!  

JC was truly the best trainer that I could have asked for! I highly recommend his services if you are looking to better yourself while having a relaxed, personable experience! The work that JC does is truly top notch! 

-Zach B

Here is an amazing testimonial from one of my male clients Frank. Frank crushed the Fitness by JC 12 week program and lost 22 lbs, starting at 209 lbs, and ending at 187 lbs! Frank was even able to battle through an injury, and still come out on top! Please take a second to listen to his experience! Motivating!

Follow Frank on IG - @gamechanga1911

I can't say enough about this awesome program that I started to use when I was feeling uncomfortable with my current weight and the encouragement and support given by my trainer (@jcofthefinest ) was just excellent in a time that I really needed it and with the personal, one on one training that was online as well as the meal plan given to me, I saw awesome results in my 30 Day program that I opted to have. I went from 170 to 155 in one month!! @jcofthefinest is just such a great support system, motivator and encourager for all of his clients and I would HIGHLY recommend any and everyone to join his program for 30, 60 and 90 days! You will see awesome awesome results that will last for a lifetime!!!

- @redd_pearl3